Being a visionary requires innovation – the ability to first perceive and then implement a better way of doing things.

Our vision is to help YOU visualize and achieve your health and fitness goals. We will partner with you to design a program that goes beyond physical conditioning and guides you towards achieving a holistically healthy lifestyle.

Through Gym-Cypress, personalized programs are designed at an affordable rate to allow the highest quality fitness coaching to be accessible to all people. Our team has helped thousands of diverse clients achieve health and fitness.

The Gym-Cypress System has proven to be effective for a broad spectrum of clients with varying goals such as beginners, professional athletes and pre-/post-natal women, tactical units, as well as cancer, cardiac and post-rehabilitation patients and those listed as special populations 


Do you dream of having a healthy, fit body? Do you wish you had a proven system to help you achieve your goals? Dreams can only be achieved by creating and following a plan. Work with the trainers at Gym-Cypress to establish goals and to design an individualized program. We want to make your health and fitness dreams a reality.

We will establish a baseline for your regimen, determine your current physical condition and help educate us on your exercise history and objectives. Once a customized plan has been created, we will regularly chart your progress by measuring your skin fold composition, muscular circumference, blood pressure, heart rate, flexibility and overall strength.

Your Body:

Is a machine just like you drive, fly, ride, etc...  In order to live long, prevail hypokenic disease, and postpone age related illness preventive maintenance is a critical thing you do and exercise is the best medicine period.

You no what level, age, gender, limitations, wants/needs etc... you want to; tone up, get better at, break plateau's or just have healthier, happier body and we have just the Gym to get YOU there.
Gym-Cypress was established by our founder as working as a personal trainer and strength coach since 1995. We adhere strictly to the guidelines promoted by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and the American College of Sports Medicine.

Gym-Cypress is now open at our new location at 17721 Huffmeister Road Cypress, Texas 77429. We serve and cater to clients throughout the Greater Houston area.